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Vegepod sells self-contained Raised Garden beds with protective covers. Available in 3 sizes - Large, Medium and Small with the option to elevate with a trolley or stand.


Vegepod was born out of the search for greener and sustainable initiatives that could be taken from within your own home.

As Eric Toensmeier, (researcher in Obama’s ‘Project Drawdown’ and author of ‘The Carbon Farming Solution’), said “The number one thing we can do at an individual level at home, the GOLD STANDARD, for reducing carbon emissions and helping to save the planet, is to grow your own food”.

The Vegepod leaves a much lower carbon footprint than other timber or iron garden beds. 100% of the Vegepod is certifiably food-safe, Grade 5, non-leaching, and BPA free, but is also 100% recyclable.

The fine commercial-grade mesh is animal-friendly (although keeping those pests out!). This also means there is less need for harmful herbicides or pesticides.

Using up to 80% less water than other garden beds, the Vegepod is Smart WaterMark Approved thanks to the self-watering wicking reservoirs of the Vegepod.