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PureLiving is a leading indoor environmental consulting company with a simple mission: to help our clients create healthy homes and workplaces. Our expert team of building engineers, HVAC specialists, and environmental consultants advises clients on air and water quality, mold, asbestos and lead exposure issues and helps to improve their indoor environmental quality through testing to identify sources of pollution and then eliminating them. Our total range of solutions includes pollutant testing, design and installation of cutting-edge filtration systems, monitoring, and odor and chemical reduction.


PureLiving focuses on creating a sustainable and healthy environment. They are able to do so by selling their Pure-Qi product which is a unit that helps with air filtration, pressurization and ventilation in buildings. The Pure-Qi has a high CADR Airflow at 99.97%. With 3 different filtrations options, those being True HEPA, Advanced Chemical Filter and UV-C, that all help with efficient air purification and disinfecting